Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bronx Masquerade

Bronx Masquerade(center 1)
Bronx Masquerade is the name of the book I'm Reading right now.The book is about some kids that are in High School in the 1o Th.In every chapter it talks about different kids.It talks about there life.Want they are going on.Also about there in school and want is there hobbies.In these book so far i had met 13 characters.What I like about these book is that is very interested.The Character are Sterling S. Hughes,Tanisha Scott, Devon Hope, Janelle Battle,Diondra Jordan,Lupe Algarin and more.
The character i relate more is Diondra Jordan and Lupe Algarin. Diondra because she's a girl.She's also an artist.Last,She love to paint.I will also be relate to Lupe Algarin because she love baby's.I love all the characters in the story because they have great poems that are very nice.About Diondra and Lupe is that one love to paint and the other one loves baby's like me.Diondra experienced Person Vs. Person and Lupe is having Person Vs. Person like Diondra.
The character i would relate the least is Chankara because i would not let a boyfriend of my to go to my house when my mom is not there.Chankara is the person that i dislike the most.If i could make my own character i would make very cool.It would be about a girl that is very cool.

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