Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer !!!!!! = ]


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compound = )

In 7th grade for my end of the year trip I went to Lake Compound . Lake Compound is located in Connecticut in 271 Enterprise Drive Bristol, CT 06010 . When leave to the trip at 8:30 a.m. To get in the Bus It took us Like 30 minutes . While I was in the Bus Waiting I was playing With my Friends and Chilling around . After the movie Started Moving watching Harry Potter . The bus ride was about 2:00 hours . In my way to the park I was just chilling and talking to my friends . The trip to Lake Compound was the best trip I ever that I had . In the Park I did a lot of Fun activities .

Once I arrived the park I was excited . When I saw The park I felt Lucky to had the opportunity to get a trip to a theme park like that . In the group I was with was with Carolyn , Larolyn , Carla and Meily . The teacher we were with was Ms.Sa . The first ride we got on was Ghost Hunt . Meily , Carla , Larolyn , Carolyn and Ms.Sa got in this ride . I went on the Bumping Cars , American Flyers , Giant Wheel , and more . My Favorite Was the Bumping Cars because I was bumping Cars and It was fun . The ride I dislike Was the Giant Wheel because I was Scared . My teacher got In a lot of Rides . Like at 1:00 PM was went we ate . I order fries with chicken Tenders it was great .

The last Ride I got on was The American Flyers . I saw a lot of stuff in Lake Compound like water rides . The bus ride home was good and nasty because people got car sick . When our way back we saw the movie batman . I liked every thing in lake compounds . I would love to go back to Lake Compound .

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Dear Blog
I am so glad DOT2DOT IS OVER yesterday June 9 , 2009 was DOT2DOT . Yesterday, I was very tired and happy . DOT2DOT was fun in some parts but in another parts it was boring . My mom , my sister , my cousins , my brother and my nephew came to Dot2Dot to see me present . I presented for my literacy teacher Ms. Bentley . I was presenting with my group a video about the main character of the book that with read Monster . In the second and presentation that i perform was for my math teacher Ms.Sa . I presented by my self . My presentation was about I career I think is interesting . My career was about a Pediatrician . I was very nervous but a then I was proud of my self .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Angela's Ashes Reflection : - )

Poverty affect the characters in Angela's Ashes because they don't have any money to buy food . Also because 3 sons of the women has died because they don't have any money to pay the hospital when there son got sick . The little babies keep getting sick because they are smaller and they need to eat . If I were the mother or father I would STOP DRINKING and STOP SMOKING and use the money I have to at least buy milk and bread . Also , I would do everything to get a job .

In the movie the mistake the mother did was getting married with a bum . In the movie the mistake the father did was to drink a lot . I think this family lives under these conditions because the mother is a smoker and the father is a drinker . What could help these family to not leave under these conditions is to the mother stop getting pregnant and to not smoke . Also , the father to not drink .

I don't think any
families who live in poverty like this anywhere . I think poverty in Ireland is worse than in America they are not that much people in America who lived on poverty . Poverty in America is different from the poverty show on Angela's Ashes Because Angela's Ashes is a Movie and American is a real country where people live . An advice i give a family that is poor is to use the money they have for goods and services .

Monday, June 1, 2009

iMovie Reflection

Write a blog about your iMOVIE . Now that your IMovie is done or almost finished it is time for you to reflect on your experience . How was it working with your group ? What is the best part of working with a group ? What is the worst part of working with alone ? What was the most difficult part of creating the iMOVIE ? How do you think your group worked together ? What advice would you give a group of students on iMOVIE .

Working with a group for DOT2DOT it was very funny because with had a lot of fun . Also it was good working with my group because together with did a great movie . The best part about working with my group was that with had a lot of fun . I think their is nothing negative about working with the group I work . The most difficult part of working on my iMovie was when with adding the music . Also trying to talk clear and making the interviews with did because with didn't remember want with needed to say .

Friday, May 29, 2009

Career Day Reflection

The things that I like about Career Day was that we all dress like professional . Also because I learned about 3 types of Career . I learned about social worker , lawyer and underwriter . Of the 3 career that I saw the one I like was a social worker because it was cool to help people with some of their problems . A career I would like to learn more about next year would be a Pediatrician .