Thursday, February 19, 2009

What i did over the break.

What i did over the break
Dear Blog,

These week that they have us off I am had so much fun.I had have so much fun.The days that I didn't go out,that i stay home, I toke those days to relax of so much work I do in school.On Saturday February.14.2009 Valentines day I didn't go out.But,my uncle and aunt when to my house with there sons and daughter.My aunt toke her new baby born Luis and her son Albert.My uncle took his daughter Karla and his son Carlos.I was carrying a lot and dancing with my baby born cousin Luis. He laugh every time I make faces to him.He is so cute.On Sunday i just stay home and wash Madagascar 2 escape to Africa eating popcorn in the night.That movie was very funny.On Monday i went to Chuck E. cheeses with my uncle and his wife.Also with my cousins karla, Minalfi,Albert, and Armando .It was so much fun.I did'nt get to collect that much tickets.On Tuesday I didn't go outside I just stay home.But on Wednesday i went to take two baby tooth to the dentist for my braces.It was so much pain.Iy really hurted a lot.After, that since it was in Manhattan my mom and I bought some things that with needed.On Thursday i went to my aunt house to be with my baby cousin cause i love him some much because he is so cute and because he is a baby and you could carry them.Friday Saterday and Sunday i just stay home to go back to school on Monday, February 23,2008.

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