Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Shower time

You are invited to Alay's and Carlos baby shower on March.7.09 at 8:00p.m.
Dear Blog

On March.07.2009 it was my sister baby shower because she is having a baby on April something.I had some much fun.My family and Carlos family went. They were a lot of people.Carlos is the father of the baby that my sister is having.He is the first one to make me an aunt.On the Baby shower i had so much fun.I was one of the one who was helping my sister blow the balloons.My hands were already hurting because i was tying the balloons .My hands were white to because of the balloons.At night I had so much fun.I was dancing with my cousin Albert and my brother and other members of my family that went to the baby shower.I ate rice ,salad ,and different kind of salad .I almost taste a litter bit of everything but there was a lot of food.I was drinking a lot of soda.They gave my sister a lot of gift for her baby boy.

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