Friday, March 13, 2009


Heidi Moreau

Dear Blog

March.10.2009 I took part 1 of the math test and on March.11.2009 I took the part 2 of the math test.Part 1 of the test it was that hard or that easy.On the test of all 30 Questions I just didn't understand Question 13.That was the only Question I didn't understand .For me it was difficult because it was about negative and positive numbers.I founded part 1 easy except for Question 13. Part 2 for me it was hard.I think part 2 was harder than part 1 because you needed to explain step by step what you did to solve a Question.I think i probably got a 3 or almost a 4 on the math exam.To finish my test i almost used all my time.After,i finish my test i went over because i wanted to be sure that i had almost everything right.

On March.12.2009 in literacy class i took part 1 of a quiz.The only thing i was difficult for me it was to make a limerick poem because i don't know how to rhyme.Also on March.13.2009 i took part 2 on the quiz it wasn't hard it was almost the same thing as part 1.I think my grade would be almost a 90% a least.I feel like i was prepared for the trip because i know all of the topic it had.

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