Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Worst Trip Ever to the Natural History Museum


Today December,9,2008 my classmates and me went to our first trip in this school year.Before leaving we needed to way at least 40 minutes until 9:30.After that we left we got there like around 10:00.In the bus we were talking and singing.When we got there we first when to see the planetary.We saw the moon.It was so fun.When I came out I was dizzy cause we were going around inside like in the ball.After we went to see something that was about science. Last, we went to see some buring mammals.When they told us that it was time to go i was so mad because it was early. I was mad because i pay $5.00 for nothing .We didn't even got time to eat our lunch. Sincerely:
Heidi Moreau

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David said...

We are sorry Heidi!
Mr. Osei