Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mr.Ackerman got lost

On Dec,9,08 Mr.Ackerman took Carla & Me and other to 2 sixth grader to a middle school fair to help him.Carla & me got the opportunity to take our laptop to the convention.We wanted more kids to come to our school that were going to the 6 or 7 grade thats why we were there.When it was over we pack our stuff. When we left the school that the school fair was Mr.Ackerman took the boys first.Then he was going to take Carla,but he took me because it was difficult for him to take Carla home.He didn't knew where Carla leave because he doesn't now anything about the Bronx.When he was trying to get me home he when to the wrong way so he needed to go back around.I was telling him go straight, go left,go right.Finally,we got to my house.After that he took Carla.It was a disaster.OMG!!!!!!!!!.
Heidi Moreau

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