Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today, is the day.The day of Barack H.Obama becoming President of the United State.Today is inauguration day.January,20,2009 is different to others inauguration because is history today.This day will be mark in everybody hearts.Mostly in Barack Obama because he has become the first African America to be president of the United State.Also,in the African American this day would be mark because they would feel freedom.They would believe they could also be president or the ones coming after them in the future.They would not feel discripmination. They would be proud of our knew President.
Our first,Afican American president in the United State.
Why this inauguration so emotional?What make this inauguration so unic? Why is this January 20, 2009 inauguration historic? If you are thinking this then your answer are righ here.This is so emotional because is a miracle.This inauguration is so unic because is the inauguration of our first African America president.This inauguration is history because would have our first African American president. This inauguration would be a happiness to americans,citizens,african american,immigrators & others who believe in him from the beginnig of his campaign.
After, this day president Obama would open a new chapter in his life. A history to tell in the future.A day to talk about.Something that make him proud and that makes us proud.This day would be mark in our hearts.Always remeber "YES,WE CAN"as president Barack Obama said.


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