Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi my name is Heidi.I was born in the United State of America, New York city, New York.I go to CIS339 home of the tech tiger.I am a seven grader.I am part of the i-squad of that school.I am nice girl.I am not that tall only like about 5 feet tall.I am 13 years old and i am smart.I am a very smart girl who study a lot to past my quizzes and test.I am a girl who likes to sing, dance, and cook.I love the color green and purple.When i grow-up i would love to be a singer.My favorite pets are dogs.I love them because they are so cute and puffy.Since i was litter i had always had a pet.My first dog named was Cirilo.He died when was 5years old because a car killed him.I felt so sad when my dad told me over the phone.I spent the whole day crying.

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