Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AIM:How do we use spreadsheets to create graphs?

Heidi Moreau
February 2,2009

AIM:How do we use spreadsheets to create graphs?

Today, we learned how to create bar graph and circle graph in Microsoft Excel.To make these graphs we use the following steps.First,you go on the Microsoft excel icon to open it.Second ,you write the data in the columns. Third,you click on to pick a graph.Fourth,Press the graph you need and then finish.Last,your graph is done.You could change the color of the bars and the font and color of the writing.

Think and Discuss
1.Which graph best displays the student council budget?why?
The graph that best display the student council budget is a bar graph because you could compare data.
2.Would a line graph be an appropriate display of the student council budget data?Explain?
No,because data is not appropriate for this graph.You couldn't compare these data with a line graph.

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