Thursday, February 5, 2009

Malcolm X

Heidi Moreau


Malcolm X
Today, I learn about Malcolm X. I learned who he was.Which he was kind of Martin Luther King Jr. but more agrees eve. I learn that he was a African American who they brought to America as a slave.Also,I wash a video clip to answer some question. I answer the following question:
-How do you think Malcolm X felt black people were treated?
He felt uncomfortable the way black people were treated
-Why did Malcolm X call him self "Malcolm X"?
Malcolm X called him self Malcolm X because he refused to say his named that his master gave him.
About Malcolm X i think he is a hero like the others African American to the African American.I would love to learn more about Malcolm X.

These month is black history month.I think that February is a great month for African American.
These month who i would love to learn that is a black historical person is about Martin Luther Jr.I would love to learn about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.About these month i really only know a litter bit.I just know a litter bit about Rosa Park ,Martin Luther King Jr and know about Malcolm X.

In these month i hope that i get to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr. Also more about Rosa Park.I would also would love to learn about other black historical people. Last,but not least i wish i could learn more about Malcolm X.

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