Friday, February 6, 2009

Shirley Chisholm


Shirley Chisholm


Today, I learn about Shirley Chisholm. She was the first women and the first African American who ran for president. After, I learned about Shirley Chisholm i saw two video were Shirley Chisholm was speaking and answer these following questions
Who was Shirley Chisholm?
The first African American women to run for president.
How did other people felt about her?
They thought she was brave.They could believe what she was doing.
I feel very excited and happy to be learning of Shirley Chisholm an African America who is a historic person.Also because she is an important person to African American.I would love to learn more about Shirley Chisholm.

I think that Malcolm X felt happy because Shirley Chisholm was fighting by speaking for African American Rights.For the discrimination
to the African American just because of there color.The black historical person that i want to know the most about is Rosa Park.I would love to learn more about her because i had always hear her name and had seeing picture about her but had never learned that much about her.What i now know about black history month is that it is the month when we celebrate about all the African American historic people that were fighting in the past for the discrimination that was going on when they were a live.They wanted the discrimination to African American to stop.

When Shirley Chisholm ran for president i think they were discriminated more then they used to before she ran for president.I also think they were not treated very well.The women i could name that ran for president were Shirley Chisholm and Hillary Clinton.Shirley Chisholm is important to history because she was the first African American to run for president.Also the first women to ran for president.

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Another great blog Heidi. Please remember to capitalize the letter I when in reference to yourself.