Monday, February 9, 2009

Jim Crow laws

Heidi Moreau

Jim Crow Laws

Dear Blog ,
Today, I learned about Jim Crow Laws.Jim Crow is NOT a person is a law.Jim Crow is
the former practice of segregating black people in the US : Jim Crow laws offensive to a black person.I think that non-whites were affective by Jim Crow law because it was offensive.I think that Malcolm X felt like he needed to stop Jim Crow Laws.Malcolm X , Shirley Chisholm , Martin Luther king Jr., and last but not least Rosa Park did something to stop Jim Crow laws.

Langston Hughes was the best poetry writer.It was hard because it was when Jim Crow.Of Langston Hughes i read his poem Merry go round.I thing that black people are better know because with have an African American president.Know black children's could go to the same school as white kids.They could do that when Langston Hughes.

I think Jim Crow was something that it should exist back in the days.Shirley Chisholm fight by being to wanted to be president.He wanted to stop Jim Crow by fighting .

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