Friday, April 24, 2009

CLASS WORK 04.24.09

Heidi Moreau
April. 24 .2009
Ms.Bentley - 702

Have you ever been bully or been called name? Some times bully don't see what their doing. The language that they use toward others can hurt people in a very bad way. Some times people call each other names maybe because they like each other. Also cause they want to be thought or also cause they want to do for fun. I never called people names .I know how a person can feel when they called them name because i personal knows how it feels.When a person is being teased they mind feel like running.
In the book "Monster" Petrocelli call Steve monster maybe because she thinks he is a murder.Steve feels really bad when they call him monster.After he is call monster he wrote the word monster over and over again.I don't think that Steve feels a monster. I don't think Steve is a monster he is just a person that is being judge. I think Steve is innocent.
I don't think the jury as a monster. If were on the jury i would not think he is a monster because he probably didn't kill no body.I think Steve call his book monster because they are calling him monster in the book.

Always remember "DON'T JUST A BOOK BY IT'S COVER"

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Ms. Bentley said...

Great post! I especially like your ending, "don't judge a book by it's cover." That is so true.