Monday, April 27, 2009

Class work 04.27.2009

Heidi Moreau

Do you think there is racism in our country's court system? Do you think Steve Harmon will get a fair trial? Why? Why Not? How do you think O'Brien feels about the Jury they selected for Steve's trail?
Why do you feel some people think that our country's court systems are racist? Why do you feel there are more black men in jail than college?

I think that some of the time in our country court system there is racism. I truly think there is racism because some times they judge a black person just because of the color. In the book "Monster" i think that Steve Harmon will not get a fair trial because they already calling him "Monster". I think O'Brien feels that the Jury they selected for Steve's trial is being fair.
I feel like some people think that in our country courts system they are racist because sometimes the person that is being judge is treat unfair. I fee there's more black men in jail than in college because of racism.

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