Monday, April 27, 2009

Vacation Time France

Name:Heidi =]
1. Where are you going?
Paris, France
2. How are you getting there?

Arrival: 1:30 pm Tuesday from Queen , arrived at 7:30 pm Tuesday in Paris, France
Departure 11:45 pm Sunday From Paris, arrived 5:45 Monday in Queen
Time Difference: +6 hours from our time3.

How long will it take?
It takes 8 hours to get there
4. What language do they speak?
The language that they speak in France is French
5. What type of money do they use and how much is it worth in dollars?
The money that they use is Euro. Approximately a U.S.A dollar worth .70 Euro.
6. Where specifically will you go in this place you are traveling to? (What is your daily plan?)
Day 1: Hotel Madeleine Plaza Hotel
Day 2: Louvre Museum
Day 3: Eiffel Tower
Day 4: Go shop at Ile-de-France in Paris
Day 5: Hotel Madeleine Plaza Hotel
7. Where are you going to stay?

Madeleine Plaza Hotel
8. What are you going to do? What is there to see? (Search on wikipedia or google the place)
At Louvre Museum t
here are many original works of art at the Louvre by Leonardo DiVinci.
9. What reservations do you need to make for these places?
Make Hotel and Cars reservations

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