Monday, May 4, 2009

04.04.09 Homework =]

I feel Steve Harmon is innocent. The role Steve had in the crime was to just to go in the store and buy some mints. I think what happen that night was that the boys that plan the robbery and since Steve was there the involved him in the case.I think that want happen that night was that bobo, James King and Osvaldo went in to robbed the guy and they kill him instead. I don't think Steve knows Bobo. I don't think Steve Knows James King and Osvaldo.
Some times friends can you in a good and a bad way. Steve was influnce in a bad way by his friend.One time I got in trpuble because of my friend when I didn't do nothing. Is very important to choose your friend wisely. I think Steve lawyer O'Brien, feels that Steve's friends are in bad stuff.
I think Steve is is being negatively influenced by his friends.

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