Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I feel very happy and excited to be using imovie to do a project. The best part about creating a movie with my group is that with work as a team. The four of us gave idea of things would make our video better. When I was showing my video to the class they reacted good . A feedback that they gave me was to talk a litter bit clear. After showing the video they told me to talk more clearly

After seeing the other video it makes me feel that our video was not that bad. Our movie is not the best or the worst because some of the of the other video were not bad. The video that i enjoy was Marijo group it was very funny. If someone has never read Monster before they would not understand what i am talking about in the film.

Since i have several weeks to film an incredible movie i would make a good movie. I plan to improve my film by all the members of my group come with a lot of ideas.

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