Monday, June 1, 2009

iMovie Reflection

Write a blog about your iMOVIE . Now that your IMovie is done or almost finished it is time for you to reflect on your experience . How was it working with your group ? What is the best part of working with a group ? What is the worst part of working with alone ? What was the most difficult part of creating the iMOVIE ? How do you think your group worked together ? What advice would you give a group of students on iMOVIE .

Working with a group for DOT2DOT it was very funny because with had a lot of fun . Also it was good working with my group because together with did a great movie . The best part about working with my group was that with had a lot of fun . I think their is nothing negative about working with the group I work . The most difficult part of working on my iMovie was when with adding the music . Also trying to talk clear and making the interviews with did because with didn't remember want with needed to say .

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