Saturday, April 4, 2009

My weekend


April. 03 . 2009 to April. 05 .2009 was my weekend off. On this weekend I had some much fun. On Friday night my sister Leslie took me to her house. Her house is so nice. She bought pizza shrimp roll and juice for dinner yummy. It tasted very good. In the morning she cook pancakes.They very good for breakfast. I ate 3 pancakes with juice and I was full.After that we took turns to take a shower.After we finish we went to get my litter brother to go to New Jersey.When when to New Jersey My sister did her nail and after that in the night we when boiling cool.I didn't won in first place not even one.The first time I won I second place and in the third place i won in third place with like 25 points. There we ate popcorn chicken with fries and nachos with soda. The nachos and popcorn chicken where good. I had very fun.

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